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Surrounded by the Montagne Noire, the Caucalières-Labruguière limestone plateau and the plain of Castres, the village has kept its authenticity, friendliness and relaxed lifestyle. The rounded city with its timbered houses, the Cardaillac castle, the marketplace, Saint-Thyrs church and its bell-tower…Just relax and enjoy the traditions, heritage and cultural events.

Brugueria : a heather land
It is a typical south-western rounded village, built at the foot otf the castle and church as early as the XIIIth century. Start exploring the thousand-years-old lanes, corbelled and timbered houses, the bell-tower of Saint-Thyrs listed as a historical monument. Do stop at the Albert Batut’s photographic center, the man who invented “kite aerophotography” in 1888.

Climb up onto the limestone plateau
Its white cliffs overlooking the Thoré valley  are a striking contrast with the Montagne Noire landscapes. You will come across a variety of plant species and over 150 bird species. And if you feel like a change of setting, move to the Montagne Noire forest, there again, the  landscape is different.

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Place de l'Hôtel de Ville
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Tarn is the country of great outdoors activities. 3500 km of hiking tracks, bikes tours, horse riding, climbing, and many others things to do in a wonderful green landscape. Enjoy nature, practice sports and relax.


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