The aveyron gorges and Vaour

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The aveyron gorges and Vaour
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From the edges of the Grésignes Forest to the vales of the Gaillac region, the Viaour is a sum up of all the variety of Tarn: preserved landscapes, ancient stones, heavy with history and plenty of nature activities for young and grownups alike.

Discover nature
The Gresinhola is a 84- km hiking itinerary  comprising 5  hiking trails along which you will discover crosses, dovecotes, mills and washhouses.
Passing through Vaour, Penne, St Michel, Roussayrolles, Milhars, Marnaves, Le Riols, get a glimpse of bats, peregrine falcons, grand dukes, warblers. Take the stray paths outside each village to see them.

Walk up and down the villages, immerse yourself into a medieval atmosphere
You must visit Milhars, “ the Tarn Gate”, a medieval village built around its castle on its rocky spur. Its battlements are listed as “Monument Historique”.
At Vaour,the Commanderie des Templiers was erected in the XIIth century by monks. An intringuing stone, the dolmen of Peyro Levado, one of the most imposing in the Midi-Pyrennées, dates back to the Neolithic times.

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The Aveyron Gorges are also part of Tarn ! Between hills and limestone plateaux, the scenery is magnificent.
Up there, you will be roused by these preserved and wild spaces. Many sightseeing stops offer breathtaking views over the river, villages and forests.

Between heaven and earth, enjoy exciting activities .
It’s a hiking paradise, on foot, by bike (for sport lovers) or  horse-riding.
Caving fans will explore the many caves, going deep into the earth for stronger sensations.
Try a different kind of adventure on water. Rent a kayak or a canoe to row along at the bottom of the gorges, such an impressive sight !

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Tarn is the country of great outdoors activities. 3500 km of hiking tracks, bikes tours, horse riding, climbing, and many others things to do in a wonderful green landscape. Enjoy nature, practice sports and relax.


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