Chai mon vigneron

Du 18 Nov 2021 au 21 Nov 2021

There are events to look forward to all year round…and CHAI mon Vigneron is the one !
Every year on the 3rd Thursday of November, Gaillac vineyards put on their party hats in celebration of the first wine of the year. Red or white, it is the only Southwest en primeur wine.
During 4 days, there are many festivities and events happening in Toulouse and in the entire region. Novices and connoisseurs discover the tastes of the new vintage in bars and restaurants, creating an exciting buzz throughout the region of Gaillac! Visitors, coming from all four corners of France and sometimes all over the world, flock to this region to welcome and taste the “new wine”. For weeks, winegrowers organise the weekend’s activities. From sporting events to fun and celebratory activities, there is something for everyone. The main goal is togetherness!
Don’t worry for those who are unable to attend because, despite the short-lived festivities, the Gaillac Primeur can be consumed all year round. It is perfect for those first springtime barbeques.

Classement & labels

  • Maison des Vins de Gaillac
  • Wine tourism

Classement & labels


Ouverture du 18 au 21 November 2021