Take Home a Little Bit of the Tarn in your Luggage

Taste the specialities of the Tarn or simply brighten up your day – grab your basket and go and meet the producers and creators of the Tarn.

100% Local, 100% Delightful

Food is an integral part of discovery on your travels. In the Tarn we love to eat and to eat well! So say hello to calves, cows, pigs, cheeses, garlic, wines and other tasty treats. Everything is good! There are also many artisans, creators and artists who open up their doors to visitors. A great way to find some unique and original gifts!

Stationery, Books, Magnets, Textile Products

Take a large bag!

In the course of your wanderings through the Tarn, you will come across many unique products “Made in Tarn”: pastel-dyed clothing, magnets, leather goods, books and everyday objects… Perfect gifts (for you)!