The Tarn is a land of rugby

Land of passions, land of rugby! Here the spirit of the South West is found in every village and club in the region.

Since 1891, the Tarn has cheered on its favourite local sport: Rugby (pronounced “ruby” with the Midi accent). The world of the oval ball is a world of passions.

The spirit of the Tarn is oval

“Rugby in the Tarn is in the genes! We’ve always gone to games with my grandfather, my father and my sisters!” says Jeremy. “The values of rugby are shared all the time, not just on the field.”

Respect, team spirit, loyalty, combativeness and passion are an integral part of the Tarn spirit.

If the teams and supporters from Castres, Albi, Mazamet, Graulhet or Lavaur, to mention only a few, come face to face, they are also proud and happy to belong to this oval-shaped world.

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