Up high and impressive!

Leave your heels behind! And you can’t get up to Cordes-sur-Ciel by car either! The climb must be made on foot, up through steep cobbled alleyways. Experience the medieval atmosphere of the fortified gates, ramparts, sculpted gothic façades and little hidden corners. Full of charm from the very first step.
Stop to visit artists’ studios on the way up. This is a place of inspiration for painters, writers, ceramicists, sculptors and jewellers.
On some mornings, when the pink mist has invaded the valley, Cordes-sur-Ciel truly deserves its name, floating above the skies. A charming destination.
Don’t forget the “croquants de Cordes“! A local recipe for almond biscuits containing just sugar, almonds and egg whites for a light and delicious crunch!

Croquants de Cordes

…The traveller who observes the summer night from the terrace of Cordes knows that he has no need to go further and, if he wants, the beauty here, day after day, will remove all sense of solitude.”
Albert Camus

From the summit of this medieval town you can look out over the world and contemplate history. 

The Experts

Véronique, Food Guide

As a tourist guide, Véronique loves getting lost in the alleyways of Cordes and taking the narrow staircases which meet in secret passageways.