Incredible Charm!

Hilltop villages, fortified towns, medieval cities and “eagles’ nests”… each one has its own soul and unique atmosphere. The towns and villages of the Tarn tell the story of those sturdy local men and women. Nestled beside the River Tarn or perched on a hillside, each wall and each stone whisper the adventures of this land of passions to all those who listen. The landscape and character of the Tarn have been marked by the Cathars and the religious wars, by many struggles and battles.

The Tarn opens up beneath our curious eyes and reveals its unique light, its authenticity, its rich history and incomparable heritage, its astonishing natural environment, its welcoming inhabitants, and its little hidden surprises!

Grands Sites (Major Sites), UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Plus Beaux Villages de France (Beautiful Villages of France), Jardins Remarquables (Remarkable Gardens) and Monuments Historiques (Historic Monuments): what a fantastic choice!

Here you will find everything you need for a colourful holiday which will fulfil all your desires for escape and adventure.