We could mention many more, but the essence of the Tarn can be summed up in two words: beautiful and warm. The five good and real reasons to come and love the Tarn are quite simple: varied landscapes, the warm welcome from the people of Tarn, the local gastronomy, listed heritage rich in history and the laid-back lifestyle. It’s all there.

1- Landscapes and open spaces

The river cuts the Tarn in two, but the department could be divided in four, so different are the landscapes from north to south and from east to west. The Montagne Noire has no cause to envy the white stones of the Cordes region. The Monts de Lacaune are just as iconic as the hills of the Gaillac vineyards. The Pays de Cocagne is as rich in wonders as the Tarn valley. Everywhere, there are hilltop villages, inspiring views and opportunities for mountain biking, hiking or quiet naps by a scenic and soothing lake.

Roc de Peyremaux – Montagne Noire

2- Warm welcome from the Tarn people

In the markets, in the stands of a rugby stadium, in the shops or at your accommodation, the Tarn welcome is sincere and without fuss. You will be greeted by a smile, sincere handshake and cheeky humour in a melodious accent. You will be given tips and family secrets with the same accent. We will take care of you (poutouner: to take care of), you will be amazed. The Tarn is a land of friendly people.

On the markets in the Tarn

3- Good things

Sweet and savoury delicacies, original wines as well, experiences full of thrills or, on the contrary, a well-deserved rest, beautiful stories to discover, tell and pass on: that’s what the Tarn is all about! A haven of small pleasures and simple moments to share with those we love… A holiday !

Meal with friends around good things

4- Tarn heritage

The Tarn appeals to our curiosity with its particular light, authenticity, rich history and incomparable heritage. With top listed sites, UNESCO World Heritage, the most beautiful villages in France, remarkable gardens and historical monuments, everything is concentrated here for a fascinating holiday, which will satisfy every desire for escapism.

Cathédrale Sainte Cécile d'Albi

5 – Taking the time

In the Tarn, it is recommended to take your time. Time to contemplate a village as if suspended in the sky, to walk through a fragrant forest in the early hours of the morning, to paddle down a peaceful river in a canoe, to taste roast veal from the Ségala region, to drink a Gaillac wine in the vineyards while the sun slowly bids farewell as it passes behind the hills. Time to take some time for enjoyment.

Sieste au bord du lac du Merle Sidobre

By a lake in Sidobre

So, when will we see you?