Red, white, “rosé”, “perlé”…

Galus is the word for cockerel in Latin and this word allegedly gave birth to the name of Gaillac. Another hypothesis is that it’s ancient Gallo-Roman name of Galhac means fertile.
Secret and majestic, fragile and powerful, authentic and contemporary, this land cultivates nuance… and loves to share with visitors. Epicurean souls will feel the charm of a holiday for the senses in this “little Tuscany” of the Tarn. A sunset over rolling vineyard, a glass of Gaillac wine and… time stands still. Life is good!

Fortified towns and vineyard of Gaillac

Many ancient fortified towns can be glimpsed from countryside lanes. A perfect environment for a romantic escape for two on the discovery of the wines and unique fortified towns of the Tarn!
Set off from this thousand-year-old city of wine to Lisle-sur-Tarn, a unique fortified town port, climb up to Puycelsi, an impregnable village above the Forest of Gresigne and explore Castelnau-de-Montmiral, a fortified town with buried treasures. An enchanting tour of typical Tarn villages.
Push open the gates of the vineyard and meet passionate winemakers who will let you taste their wines and tell you their history. Vintages, vinification, harvests, apéros-concerts, vineyard tours… to immerse yourself in the vineyard of Gaillac is to discover a new world!
The vineyard of Gaillac embody the spirit of the South West par excellence!

The vineyard of Gaillac embody the spirit of the South West par excellence!

The Experts

Marie-Zoë: I couldn't live anywhere else.

Crossing the vineyard every morning to go to work! I love it, it's a priceless pleasure!