Remarkable fauna and flora, rich history and traditions and a proud cultural heritage. The Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park aims to maintain, promote and preserve this exceptional landscape.

A Life-Sized Park

Straddling Aude, Aveyron, Hérault and the Tarn, the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park draws its strength from the diversity of its natural environments.

But the wealth of this land also lies in its Occitan history, cuisine, the famous Canal du Midi and many other natural and man-made surprises. It is the men and women who maintain, bring alive, share and pass on the local traditions.

Go and meet them, they’re waiting for you!

Land of Abundance

Chestnuts, honey, cheese, charcuterie, beef, veal, mutton and lamb, trout and salmon raised in fish farms, aromatic and medicinal plants… There are so many flavours to discover in this land!

Committed to both the quality of their produce and respect for the environment, the producers in the Nature Park present their own brand “Produit du Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc”.

Nature for Everyone

Discover the park in any way you like! By bicycle, on horseback or simply on foot, traverse the land on the Passa Païs walking and cycling path !

The Haut Languedoc is also an ideal place for thrill seekers! Climbing sites, water sports centres, and so many other activities to try!

Land of History

Humankind has found shelter in the region of Haut Languedoc for more than five millennia. In fact, many people have found refuge here throughout history. Among the most notable are the Saints-Poniens, the Cathars and the Protestants. This land also hid members of the resistance during the Second World War.

Land of Expertise

Coveted for its natural riches, the park is, and has always been, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for humankind.

Skills have developed over the centuries and are now rooted in the local heritage. Textiles have been manufactured in the Thoré Valley since the 19th century. Glassmaking has also been very popular in this region. 50 glass furnaces are currently operating in Haut Languedoc.




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