Agaves and co

Succulent plant acclimatisation garden in the Tarn.
Over 200 varieties of agaves, yuccas, hesperaloes, dasylirions, opuntias, nolines... It's a real world tour, a range of colours and greens inspired by these plants.

You'll find species ranging from very large to much smaller, with excellent hardiness and original shapes.

Here in the South of France, we have the ideal climate for these acclimatisation and temperature-resistant plants.

So you can find aromatic plants,
palms, olive trees from Europe and tropical agaves.

Our collection comprises over 200 varieties, ranging from ornamental to prickly.

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Ouverture du 08 May 2024 au 25 October 2024


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Full price (du 08/05/2024 au 25/10/2024) Min: 5,50€