When Spring comes, we start to feel the urge to take in the great outdoors, so let’s get out our backpacks, shoes and water bottles and head outside for a bit of fresh air.
As a family, with friends or solo. Whether you’re a beginner or an adept, the Tarn has lots of accessible walking and hiking trails!

To help you choose your itinerary, we have selected 5 unmissable routes.

Las Planques in Tanus

The 17.5 km Las Planques Trail is a difficult hike that traces the history of the people who shaped the area with their own hands. This is reflected in the old bridges, fords, mills, towers and castles. However, the Romanesque chapel of Las Planques is the most prized of these monuments. As you travel along the Viaur, you will be able to admire the verdant wilderness, filling you with wonder and delight.

lasplanques tanus

Rocs de Crémaussel in Le Sidobre

This 8.5 km loop allows you to easily visit Le Sidobre and its remarkable granite boulders. These craggy structures perched high on slopes make for mysterious sculptures that can only leave you wondering how they came to be. Between the Roc de la Fuzayré, Chapeau du Curé, Trois Fromages, Roc de l’Oie and the site of the staggered rocks, take an epic hike through Le Sidobre!

Sentier du Patrimoine in Puycelsi

This 12 km trail is quite difficult. If you’re brave enough to take it on, start off at the fortified village of Puycelsi. This ancient village is home to many architectural treasures. The route then winds itself through the Verger Conservatoire Régional, home to the hardiest fruit and vine species. This trail is well sheltered from the wind, so enjoy the wonderful hike from the Forêt de Grésigne to the Rochers de Puycelsi.

The Maison de Payrac & the ENS* Route in Nages

*Protected nature area

This 2.5 km excursion is through the most unique of locations: the Maison de Payrac! This old farmhouse on the Monts de Lacaune was restored in 2003 to give visitors the opportunity to learn about its unique heritage and culture. Just a few steps along the trail will take you to a sweet-smelling wet meadow, a dry heath, a beech forest and even a broom-roofed sheepfold. Utter bliss!

La Capelette in Dourgne

La Capelette, an 8.5 km trail in St Ferréol is home to a magnificent lookout point with a view of the Dourgne plain and the craggy forms of the Montagne Noire. On reaching the top of the hill, you can admire the view over the plain and the abbeys. As you climb, don’t miss the Abbaye d’En Calcat and the statue of Saint-Stapin, among others.

Has this list awakened a sudden urge in you to hit the trails? Let’s go! Lace up your shoes, put on your backpack and come and visit the most beautiful trails in the Tarn!

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