The Chemin des Droits de l’Homme

The excursion between Albi and Castres is a real challenge, but is also a wonderful opportunity to see the beauty of the Tarnese countryside!

Whether you’re a walker, runner, or cyclist, it’s easy to get around on the 3m wide sand track, following the old railway line.

No matter if you’re with your family going for a leisurely stroll, or a group of experienced hikers, the greenway can be enjoyed at your own pace, departing from one of the 16 car parks spread over the 44 km route.

Vélo & Fromages: France on a (cheese) plate!

Explore the Départements of France and get a taste of what they have to offer

What’s Vélo & Fromages? It’s a national project wherein along existing cycle routes through French Départements, local cheesemakers offer the chance to learn more about the Département’s delicacy through visits to farms and maturing cellars, meetings with cheesemongers, etc.
45 French Départements are currently participating in the Vélo & Fromages project.

Whether you’re looking for something a little sportier or an excursion for the whole family, you’ll find the perfect itinerary for you among 87 routes that have been developed. It’s quite the gourmet trip!

Check out the full article (in French) at Sportmag (pg. 16)