Rivers of rocks, misshapen rocks and legends

It is a world apart, an experience that cannot fail to move all who visit. The Sidobre is all about granite! This land of stone north of Castres is a unique geological anomaly in Europe. Legend says that the gods threw these stones in anger one night. Explore the area with the spirit of a child, tell stories and listen to the legends of this land of rocks and water.

Bewildering, poetic, exotic…

There are plenty of adjectives to describe the Sidobre. In the very heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park, the largest granite plateau in Europe is a paradise for geographers. But not them alone! Both the young and the old will be astonished by these gigantic stones which defy the laws of gravity. What mysteries are hidden in the Peyro Clabado (Nailed Rock)? It weighs almost 800 tonnes and is miraculously balanced on a smaller rock on a surface of one metre square!

The Sidobre is made for hikers, hunters of legends, fishing enthusiasts and mountain bikers! Experience the magic of this land.

Strange Stones and Legends

Picnic in The Sidobre

The Experts

Jo: Night-Time Storyteller

I recount the legends of the Sidobre on nocturnal strolls, thrills guaranteed!